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5 Reasons to Send a Card Over an Email

 Cards Better Than Texts | Ramona & Ruth

Collecting the daily mail often feels like a routine, uneventful task. Yet, there are times when the mail delights and surprises us. Like when we receive a handwritten greeting card!


Whether it’s a birthday, a graduation, a wedding, or just to say hello, cards with a personalized message have the ability to surprise and nourish relationships. Who doesn’t love hearing from a long-time friend, family member, or someone they’ve recently come to know?!


Ramona & Ruth talked with Relationship Marketing Specialist, Janice Porter, about some of the top reasons cards are so important to forming and nurturing relationships. She works closely with clients in the business space, but her advice expands to all forms of human relationships, with the underlying message of spreading love and kindness.


1. Greeting Cards Show Your Willingness To Take Time 


In a digitally heavy world, a card with a special note from a friend or loved one can be heart melting. The very nature of a personalized card requires a little more time to express love or congratulations than quickly sending an email or text. And, with people’s to-do lists constantly growing, receiving a card especially emphasizes that you took the time to select it and craft a special message.

 Cards Better Than Texts | Ramona & Ruth

“Emails don’t open your heart,” said Porter. “I get so many emails and flow through them or don’t even open them up! Instead, it’s about what you say, and the act of following through and actually sending it.”


2. Text and Emails Can Be Misinterpreted 


We’ve all been there at one point or another; reading a text or email from another person in our “own words” as it comes through in our heads. A card with a specialized note, takes us out of our heads and actually into the mind of the writer. Instead of trying to interpret the message, we accept it as is and engage in its graces.


“We can so misinterpret emails and texts,” said Porter, “When you send someone a card it takes them from head to heart and is an emotional connection.”



3. Cards Are a True Surprise!


The first email was written in 1971 and it wasn’t until decades later that emails became a standard form of communication. For eons, letters and cards were the norm in sending and receiving messages and an email was the odd surprise of the bunch. Now there is texting and multiple social media platforms to really boost communication, which puts the ole’ letter and card out of the driver’s seat. This really highlights the uniqueness of receiving a card.

Cards Better Than Texts | Ramona & Ruth 

“Receiving cards is so fun because we don’t get a lot these days,” Porter noted.


Not only that, but the rareness and superiority of receiving personalized cards seems to bring a certain style of happiness that truly impacts the receiver in a positive way.


“I often hear from people I’ve sent cards to, ‘Wow, that came at just the right time!” Porter said.



4. Cards Can Help Us Find Creative Ways to Express and Connect


When we think of someone we want to reach out to, but aren’t sure what to say, cards with simple text and graphics can put big emotions into a small package, and in creative ways we may not be thinking about.

 Cards Better Than Texts | Ramona & Ruth

For example, the “You’re Amazing Strokes” card is minimal in design but delivers a big splash of encouragement, reminding loved ones how amazing and important they are!


The “Rainbow After Rain” card is a gentle and optimistic reminder that during uncertain times, there is good to come.


5. Cards are Tangible


There is often something special about holding an object we receive from someone that makes us feel more connected to that person. Cards can serve as a form of touch and physical connection between the sender and the receiver and further boost the emotional message we are trying to send.


For example, the “Hugs” card can brighten someone’s day and make them actually feel particularly loved!


When it comes to spreading kindness and love with intention and sentiment, the Ramona & Ruth card collection has a diverse variety to choose from for life occasions big and small. Be sure to visit and sign up to receive free printable cards and notes!




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