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Creating Habits to Help You Live Your Best Life

Habit Tracker by Ramona & Ruth

Over the past 11 years, I have worked from a home-based studio. I love the flexibility of being able to work from home, but have had to develop little routines and rituals along the way to help keep me focused throughout the day. Without these routines, it's too easy to get distracted by the toys that need to be picked up as I make my way to my desk, the pile of dirty dishes in the sink, or the overflowing laundry basket that always seems to be calling my name.


I thought I would share one of the tools that helps me to develop and stick to good habits, which are at the foundation of my routine. It's amazing how these little habits can really add up and contribute to such a feeling of accomplishment. When I infuse my day with these habits it leaves me with a feeling that I'm living my day to the fullest. 

Habit Tracker Printable by Ramona & Ruth

A few habits I've been tracking lately are doing a morning workout, not snacking after dinner, and reading before bedtime. The amount of satisfaction I feel from being able to check a tiny box after I perform a habit seems so disproportional, but it really holds me accountable! The Habit Tracker is such a great visual tool that really allows me to see my progress in establishing a habit. 


The Habit Tracker is also such a great way to break down a larger goal into more manageable pieces so that it becomes less overwhelming. A big goal I'm working to achieve right now is developing a portfolio of my artwork that I can then sell and license to other companies. This is a daunting task that has become much more doable when I break it down into smaller goals of creating just one piece of artwork a day. Having this tracker to hold me accountable is so helpful in making my dream a reality.


I'm including a free download to the Habit Tracker below. I hope you can use to make your days wonderful!

Habit Tracker Free Printable Download

Habit Tracker Free Printable by Ramona & Ruth


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