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How to Have a Balanced, Fun, and Healthy Summer

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June marks the official halfway point of the year (we have no idea how that happened either 😳), which means two things around these parts:

It’s one of the most beautiful seasons for fresh produce and delicious meals enjoyed al fresco!

And two, it’s also a great time to reorient yourself with the goals + healthy habits you set at the beginning of the year.

Below I’m sharing a few ways I love to make the most of this fleeting summer season, as well as some of my favorite warm-weather recipes, and a few I’m excited to try out this season, too!




    Before you make a long summer bucket list (visit our freebie library for a free printable download!), revisit your goals and ideas from the new year. There are most likely a few healthy habits, fun plans, or goals you’ve forgotten about since January. Grab a cup of tea and take stock of where you’re currently at, and plan your summer fun from there.

    summer bucket list ramona & ruth

    Not moving as much as you’d like each day? See tip number 4. ;) Want to spend more time cooking? Scroll for easy summer recipes! The point is - let your desired end results guide you along this summer, and make it all fun while doing so!


    ‘Summer Fridays,’ in the workplace at least, typically means you stop working around noon or even take the whole day off altogether. This summer, I decided I am taking Fridays off so that I can spend time with my boys - 3 day weekends, here we come!

    Depending on your own situation, taking each Friday off from now through September may not be realistic for you, but you can bring summer ‘Summer Friday’ energy to your own summer - just decide what that looks like for YOU!

    Maybe it means, no matter what, that you’re going to enjoy lunch outside each Friday for the entire summer. Maybe you have a standing summer happy hour after work with your work besties. Maybe you simply swing by the snow-cone stand on your way home that afternoon. Who knows, but that’s part of the fun… Determining your own Summer Friday vibes.


    Get inspired - and actually step outside that comfort zone! — flip through magazines (we’re partial to a good ole magazine by the pool), scroll through Pinterest, or text five foodie friends to find and add new, exciting meals to your plate - literally. 😉

    Our souls crave adventure, no matter how old we are or how many responsibilities we have, and summer provides that adventure so easily.

    The only key here is to embrace the moments, meals, times, and opportunities that are a bit outside of your usual comfort zone.

    Cannonball into the neighborhood pool! Who cares what the moms in the lounge chairs will think? Roast s'mores one evening for a big hit of nostalgia, try out the cute summer outfit in the magazine, make a big batch of summer Panzanella (see below!) even if you’ve never tried your hand at it before, perfect the best ever summer mojito or mocktail.

    Get inspired, a tiny bit uncomfortable, and create, adventure, and enjoy!

    Just don’t forget your sunscreen along the way. ;)


    Institute summer evening family walks!

    Make the most of the lighter and longer evenings and that summer balm in the air and make an after-dinner family walk part of your summer routine - especially if moving more is part of your goals!

    Whether it’s one simple lap around the block or a winding, bug-finding, flower-picking stroll until the fireflies come out, there’s always been something a little bit magical about an evening walk in the summertime.

  5. PLAN - AND DO!

    Plan plan plan! We all have the best of intentions when we’re in the romanticized Pinterest stage of meal planning or bucket list creating, but it’s important to actually set these ideas into motion.

    If you’re intent on making the most of the incredible variety of fresh summer fruit and produce, set those new recipes into motion by writing them down.

    Our Weekly Meal Planner Notepad is the perfect tool to help you out here - with each day of the week clearly visible, you can easily see which summer meals you’ll be enjoying each day, and where a certain favorite may even be lacking. After all, you can’t go even a few days in summer without enjoying a juicy peach or the ripest strawberries! That would be a crime! ;)
    weekly meal planner ramona & ruthNow, speaking of… I’m excited to share a few of my favorite go-to summer recipes below, as well as a couple of new recipes that I’m excited to try out for the first time.





And if you’re feeling brave, make a batch of Switchel

Summer flies by so quickly - that’s one of the reasons it’s so blissful. It never seems to stick around long enough.

Throw off your serious hat these next couple of months, enjoy the feel of the hot sun on your face (eh em - use your sunscreen!), savor the peaches, the strawberries, the crisp grapes, and the dinners and meals enjoyed outside.

It will be fall and cold again before we know it. Here’s to creating an inspired, somewhat-outside-of-our-comfort-zone, delicious, and fun summer!


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