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5 Easy Ways to Add a Special Touch to Gift Packaging

5 Easy Ways to Add a Special Touch of Gift PackagingIf you’re anything like us, you’re always looking for ways to make the holiday season more intentional and thoughtful. Among the holiday hustle and push to consume more, more, more, it takes a real, concerted effort to focus on what matters throughout the season. (psst…head to our last blog post here for more tips on beating the holiday overwhelm!) 

Elevating your holiday gift wrapping is a simple way to get creative and add a bit of thoughtfulness to the season. Read on for a few ways to take your gifts to the next level.


  1. A Breath of Fresh Air

    Tuck a piece of eucalyptus or fresh pine into the ribbon at the top. This gives any gift a bit of life and a unique look. For kids gifts, we love the idea of tying on a toy car or little trinket they’ll get excited about to the top of a gift!

Holiday Gift Wrap Packaging

  1. Unique, Scrapbook-Worthy Gift Wrap

    Another great way to make your gift stand out under the tree is to wrap it in wrapping paper that they will want to keep forever. Unique, high-quality paper goes a long way. Check out our R&R gift wrap designs here. For your especially sentimental friends, they can even use the wrap in scrapbooks once they’ve unwrapped your gift. A gift within a gift! ;)

  1. Let a Picture Speak A Thousand Words

    Slip a photo of your favorite memory inside your gift wrap or tape one to the outside of the box to elevate the gifting experience (and give them a bonus gift!).

  1. Handwritten With Love

    Don’t overlook the power of written-down words, straight from your brain and heart to their hands and desks. Gift them a beautifully designed holiday card that they will want to hang on to for years to come. To make sure you’re never left empty-handed this season, we recommend stocking up on holiday cards with our Holiday Surprise Card Packs. 10 unique cards for $12!

  1. Individualized Wrap

    Pick one style of wrapping paper for each family member/friend, and wrap every gift for that person in their chosen paper. It’s such a special + fun way to tell everyone’s gifts apart!

We hope this helps spark some inspiration for ways to elevate any gift wrap and add intentionality to this season. Happy thoughtful gifting, friends! 🎁



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