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How to Slow Down and Prioritize Wellness in a Busy Season

weekly wellness notepad desk

Spring and summer signal a refreshed mindset, a rejuvenated spirit, and an overall awakening from the slumber of winter. We love the start of a new year - all of the goal-setting and reflecting - but this time of year can also make you feel like you’re veering off-track a bit when it comes to actually making time and energy for what matters most to you - your wellness, routines, and the goals you’ve set for the year.

That’s why we believe in something we like to call the “quarterly wellness reset.”

With each new quarter, it’s important to re-prioritize, regroup, and set our sights on all the good that’s to come.

In this little mini reset, we like to focus on three main areas of wellness: slowing down the hustle, freeing up your mind, eating + treating your body well, and prioritizing healthy habits.



When the days get busy, it’s easy to keep jumping from one mental (and physical) tab to another without actually feeling like you’re getting much done, and without prioritizing your own mental and physical health.

In a world that is constantly screaming at us to do more, whether we realize it or not, slowing down and bucking the hustle is our favorite form of rebellion.

Make sure you aren’t getting caught up in the go-go-go trap and instead, try to incorporate the following into each day:


  1. Write down your top 3 priorities for the day - don’t create a huge list of everything that needs to be done all week long. Be intentional with your time, projects, and energy.
  2. Remember, your worth is not measured by your productivity. Easy to read, much harder to fully realize and embody.
  3. Physically schedule and carve out time for yourself. If you’re a mama, this one might be the hardest yet! No matter the stage of life you’re currently in, whether you’re a student in college, just now entering the workforce and learning a new way of life, or a brand new or seasoned mama, making the time for your own wellness routine is vitally important.


    weekly wellness notepad writing

    It’s always my goal to inspire you with beauty and intentionality in all of my products, but the Weekly Wellness Notepad was created with these specifics in mind - self care, daily priorities, and intentional planning, plotting, and productivity each day of the week.


    One of our strongest values here at R&R is to approach each day with intention and peace. While it’s difficult in this fast-paced world, we look to find gratitude for each breath, work towards being at peace with the unknown, and try to be present in the only moment we are guaranteed: this one. 💛


    To truly find intention and beauty in each day, we aim to CREATE peace in every day. We don’t look for moments of calm or convenience, but instead we intentionally carve out moments of peace.

    Below, a few tips on how you can create daily moments of peace in your routines:

    • Spending more time outside, whether it’s for a short lunch break walk, coffee on the porch, or taking afternoon phone calls outside. Mother Nature is the most peaceful of all!

    • Schedule a date with yourself. Again, your own self-care and rejuvenation must be scheduled and prioritized.

    • Meditate or do a quick mindfulness practice (we love insight timer (free) or Headspace)

    • Get lost in a book (sometimes you just need to get out of your own head/world/problems and dive into another universe) 



      Don’t be overwhelmed by a laundry list of drastic reset habits. You can create radical change with just a couple of simple tweaks to your daily and weekly routines.

      Our easiest wellness hack, if you will? Get competitive with yourself and track your habits and progress!

      There’s something about seeing your progress front and center each day - just like little kids are inspired by the gold stars on their chore charts, we’re just as inspired by a satisfying ‘check mark’ on our habit tracker. And who says adults grow up? ;)

      That pride and contentment that comes from physically seeing your progress and dedication to a goal is entirely what inspired the Habit Tracker Notepad, as well as the little mini section to track your weekly habits and routines on the Weekly Wellness Notepad.

      habit tracker desk notepad

      Hold yourself accountable and write down your 3 most important habits on the Weekly Wellness Notepad or Habit Tracker to visually track your progress.

      Some habits we’re focusing on this month, in case you need inspiration:


      1. Spending at least one hour a day outside. This can be broken up throughout the day! Twenty minutes for coffee outside, a 25 minute walk, 45 minutes playing with the kids… it adds up quickly, and so does your happiness meter.

      2. Reading one chapter a day. It's easy to forget about the books we want to read, or are reading, when we’re lost in the scroll. Put the phone down, pick up the book, and chart that progress!

      3. Stretch while watching tv at night. Such a simple habit, but one that really makes us feel better each day.



        With longer and lighter evenings (thank goodness!) and after school practices and games, we’re often running around well into the evening. It’s easy to let dinner fall by the wayside and just pick something up on the way home, but I’ve found that when I create healthy meals and snacks for the entire family, there’s less cranky sugar crashes (again, from all of us, adults and kids included!) and it just feels good to fuel our bodies well.


        Spring is the perfect time to reassess the winter food slump you may have found yourself in lately. Below, a few tips and tricks I’ve found to prioritize eating well in our family:

        • Replace ONE not-so-energizing eating habit with a fresher option, and then treat yourself if you stick to your new habit all week. Instead of ice cream each night, have a date + peanut butter (Have you tried it? It's so good!) and then go out for a fun ice cream date night on Friday!
        • Pre-cut your fruits and veggies. You’ve heard this one before, but it makes such a difference, especially for the kiddos. We are all way more likely to actually choose from these healthy snacks if the work is already done and they’re waiting in the fridge for us! I use these clear containers by the Home Edit to make it look extra pretty.

        • Predetermine when and what meals will be eaten out. Whether it’s grabbing lunch at your favorite cafe with a girlfriend during the week or it’s a family outing on the weekend, map out your “restaurant plan of attack” for the week ahead. This helps you stay focused and accountable, plus excited to dine out rather than just hitting the drive through at every convenience.
        • Take inspiration from the pros - aka all of the brilliant food bloggers out there! Spring and summer are ripe with easy, no fuss recipes. Incorporate the bountiful array of fresh produce and ingredients into your meals to not only feel the benefits of eating healthy, but also to enjoy some items you may have been missing during these winter months. I personally love Simply Real Health and Real Food Whole Life for easy dinner time ideas.

        If you’ve found yourself in a slump these last several months, you aren’t alone and it’s entirely normal. The gray winter days can be a drag sometimes!

        I hope these ideas and tips have provided you with inspiration to host your own little mini wellness reset.

        Whether you’re reading this article in Spring or another time, prioritizing your own health, self care, and wellness is always in season. Here’s to that!


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