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8 Simple Ways to Make a Loved One’s Birthday Special

Birthday Tulip Greeting Card by Ramona & Ruth

Birthdays… whether you grew up in a family that went all out for each birthday, or the celebrations were more subdued, birthdays can carry with them a lot of pressure to make them just right. We all want to make our favorite people feel special on the one specific day of the year set aside to celebrate just them, but all too often balls can be dropped because there is just so dang much to do and remember! And hello, Pinterest, you’re not helping! ;)

Here are 8 simple ways you can make someone feel special on their birthday:

  1. REMEMBER IT! 😂 Really, simply remembering their birthday is a feat in and of itself! We’ve all felt that crummy feeling of remembering a loved ones birthday too late… oof. Download our free Birthday Tracker here so you never find yourself in that “oh no” situation again.

  2. ‘Birthday coffee’ on you! Venmo them some quick coffee money for their fave drink or send an e-gift card so to their favorite coffee shop. Coffee = love. And birthday coffee = extra love.

  3. Intentional Gift Giving - Keep a running list all year long in the Notes app of your phone of what the people in your life mention wanting/needing, or random great ideas you have for gifts - then when their birthday comes around you have a good, intentional place to start! If their birthday rolls around and you still aren’t sure what to get them, I always ask myself two questions:
    1. What is something that will better their lives?
    2. What is a gift that will be helpful/practical all year long?

Daily Pause Journal by Ramona & Ruth

We’ve crafted our own curated Ramona & Ruth Gift Sets after these two questions. Take a peek here! And read below for a few more meaningful, and simple, gift ideas:

  • The R&R Daily Pause Journal + their favorite pens
  • A subscription to a book club or meal service + an inscription of why you think they’d love it
  • BoxFox - a go-to for personally curated gift boxes.
  • Encourage that hobby they keep talking about wanting to start! A gift card to the local pottery studio, a new iWatch band, a new sketch book or set of paints.
  1. Balloons! Nothing puts a birthday smile on a face like a happy balloon :) - tie a balloon to their doorknob, car, or if you’re really feeling crazy, fill their room with them. It seems silly, but there’s just something about a bunch of balloons, or a super big, extravagant one, no matter how old you are.

  1. Don’t underestimate the power of a handwritten, thoughtful card. Whether delivered in person or via mail, a genuine and sincere message inside a perfect-for-them birthday card is truly a beautiful gift they’ll always treasure.

    We love keeping an assortment of versatile and timeless birthday cards on hand. Stock up on your Ramona & Ruth faves here!
    Mini Cards BirthdayPsst - a favorite to keep on hand is our Mini Cards! They’re adorable in both size and design (aka sure to make anyone smile), and the perfect size to hold a gift card!

  1. Bundle up a few of their favorite snacks or treats in a cute, reusable basket (bonus points if they can repurpose the cute basket later!). They’ll feel special knowing you picked out just their favorites.

  1. A good old fashioned telephone call! Truly don’t have time for a call that day? Drop them a voice memo or video with a sweet birthday message. No matter the format, they’ll love, quite literally, hearing from you.

  1. It may be the standard go-to, but treat them to their favorite meal out. Make the celebration even more intentional by pre-planning the celebration, mentioning you’d love to treat them to their favorite spot/meal, and, of course, don’t forget the card! Remember, that hand-written, thoughtful birthday wish really does speak volumes.

Alright, there you have it! Birthdays come with a lot of pressure these days, but hopefully the next time one rolls around, you feel prepped and ready to take the day on - with glee and meaning!


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