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Which Works Best For You: A Notepad or a Notebook?

Benefits of Notebook and Notepad

Oh, the big debate around the Ramona & Ruth studio… Are you team notepad or team notebook?

It’s not an easy answer, right? Especially if you’re a fellow stationery lover! Have no fear, though, we’re here to solve the debate once and for all…or at least come to a truce.

Since one of our very first desk products was the Daily Overview Notepad, let’s start there.

 Benefits of Notepad


The Benefits of a Notepad:

  • Easily accessible and designed for action.

    A notepad, specifically our Ramona & Ruth Notepads, showcase exactly what you need to know and do at that moment, without a ton of additional extras to get lost in.


  • Everything you need and nothing more.

    With a single page approach you’re able to focus purely on what’s in front of you for the day or week ahead. No added projects or unnecessary clutter to crowd your mind.


  • Tear off and start fresh each morning!

  • No need to hold on to yesterday’s to-do’s. Shed that weight without feeling guilty - the pages are meant to be torn off and discarded, after all! New day, new page, new start.

      Benefits of Notebook


      The Benefits of a Notebook:

      •  A beautiful cover to elevate your daily planning.

        The magic of a little gold foil and a beautifully colored cover can go a long way! Our Daily Overview Planner is available in several signature colors and fun patterns, each printed on a thick cover to help keep your inside pages crisp and intact.


      • Easily throw a notebook in your bag and go.

        Since your planner pages are enclosed between two covers, you can easily throw your notebook into your work bag or purse and carry on! If you’re on the move often, a notebook can be a great fit for you simply for this travel-friendly fact.


      • Look back at your days and see your progress, or pick up right where you left off.

        If you gain momentum by seeing how far you’ve come and what you’ve already accomplished, or if you often start projects and then pick them back up on different days, being able to easily view your to-do’s, days, and weeks in one spiral-bound notebook could be the perfect gift of motivation you need. 


      Both a notebook and a notepad have their pros and cons, depending on your specific work style, system and processes, and general use. All that to say, it simply comes down to YOU and what you prefer. Afterall, the best notepad or notebook is the one you will actually use!


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